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minimize margin leakage      , eliminate price parity.

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Improve RevPAR by 5% for tokenized inventory *


What is Buk?

Buk is a tokenization platform focused on enabling hotels to create, manage, and distribute their rooms as NFTs. When a booking is made, guests receive NFTs which represent each room night.

Tokenization enables trading of room bookings in a secondary market (both by distributors and guests), while maintaining price control and full visibility of your distribution channels.

Journey of a room

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Reduced cancellations help you make more revenue per room improving forecasting and projections.

The availability of a secondary market will reduce cancellations. This in turn creates an additional revenue stream for hotels. Each time a room NFT is traded, hotels receive a 1% royalty on the transaction.


Accurate Revenue


Increase Average
Occupancy Rate


Improve Operational Forecasting


Higher Revenue Per
Available Room

Accurate Revenue projections
NFT Card
Increase average occupancy room rate
Higher Revenue per available room

Retain control and maintain a single source of truth

For inventory syndicated to the BUK protocol, hotels to have complete control of every aspect including rules for cancellation, price management, terms for distributors, and more. Hotels can even set a minimum resale price, to prevent price parity issues.

Control Distribution
Control Pricing
Eliminate Price Parity

Power at your fingertips,
without lifting a finger

Zero Setup or Capital Costs

Zero Setup or Capital Costs

Your existing Channel Manager and CRS will be used for integration with our tokenized inventory model. We do all the heavy lifting for you

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

All the insights you've ever wanted. Detailed visibility on the journey of room across distributors and customers, pricing visibility in secondary and primary markets alike

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Our Partners


Leading hotel chain in Western Europe

Reducing cost of total ownership of technology is an important metric for every hotel. By adopting BUKs tokenized inventory model of distribution we can completely eliminate all costs incurred towards price parity monitoring.

Buk's design ensures we don't monitor price parity issues, but eliminate it once and for all!

Alexei T.

Chief Information Officer


Chain of luxury hotels in North America

Data is a core tool in my decision-making process - how much revenue when and from which sources. The problem is that many of the data resource are not real-time, some deferred and some completely dark.

With Buk, there's a single source of truth in real-time. I can see the journey of a room as it completes one of many paths involving bed banks. OTAs, travel agents and even travelers, giving me full visibility of distribution and pricing from origin to consumption.

Elena M.

Chief Revenue Officer

Testimonial - leading hotel chain in Western Europe

4-star hotel in bustling Miami's waterfront

As a hotel, we don't like cancellations and refunds. It impacts our ability to plan  operations and forecast revenue.

With Buk, the number of cancellations reduces allowing us to maintain an optimal occupancy ratio. Most importantly, we can focus on serving our guests better.

Candice G (Miami, Florida)

Head of Guest Experience