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Tokenization platform for hotel room bookings creating a transparent secondary market for the hospitality industry.

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What is BUK?

BUK is a next-generation, NFT-based hotel inventory distribution infrastructure. BUK makes the conventional hotel booking experience more flexible and decentralised so all participants, travellers, hotel owners and investors can greatly benefit from the protocol.

  • BUK will enable hoteliers to create, store, manage and sell their services as NFTs to consumers.
  • BUK will ensure a single source of truth for inventory and booking status. Reduce contracting time period, reconciliation time and eliminate price parity related issues.
  • With BUK, travellers can find and book rooms of their choice without worrying about losing their money should their travel plans change, as they can still trade their NFTs/rooms.

Revenue streams via secondary markets.

Channel partners

Exercise preferential rates with hotels for resell in a liquid secondary market for higher profits.

Guests & Travellers

No more missing bookings, No more cancellation fees, clear consistent pricing and resell bookings to make profits.

Technology service providers

Build next generation web3 systems with our open APIs & SDKs to stay relevant.

Buk Ecosystem

The journey of a "Room"

Providing a transparent booking experience for everyone.

BUK Protocol

The BUK protocol will act as an underlying inventory & price distribution system, enabling conversion of hotel room inventory into NFTs and their transferability. The heart of the ecosystem, BUK protocol will be the single source of truth for all inventory and pricing related information of hotel rooms. Built on EVM compatible Polygon chain, BUK will be focused on providing resiliency, security and scalability of services.

Buk suite of products

Buk Products are specific products live on the BUK Protocol, such as:

Hotel booking engine

Easily check availability of rooms, go through details of amenities  and facilities and eventually make a reservation.

Trading & Auction engine for hotel rooms

Targeted to larger ecosystem - Exclusive trading room for hotel room inventory with exclusive features like Dutch auctions, Bidding, Trading etc. Imagine a stock exchange that trade hotel rooms!

Check-in App

No personal data shared during booking partners. Personal information during check-in shared directly with only the hotel.

Travel booking like it should be

Skip the hassle of cancelling. Resell or transfer
your booking.
Book Your Room

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Arul Prakash


Former COO at Polytrade Finance - blockchain-based DeFi platform, 15+ years of experience in product development, blockchain & Strategic consulting. Ex  Accenture and Tata Digital. Arul leads the team with his cross-domain expertise in crypto-economy and scaling tech-enabled conventional businesses.

Nikhil Kulkarni

Co-Founder, CTO

Second time founder in Travel and Hospitality space, 15+ years in emerging tech consulting. Ex KPMG,  cofounder at Darwin Tech - A B2B travel technology company. Nikhil will leverage his expertise in Hospitality Tech landscape, Software Development, Tech Strategy and Product & Program management and technology deployments.

Kamal Krishna

Chief Growth Officer

22+ years in growth marketing and advertising across India, APAC, EMEA & North America. Founder of MOBILISE, The Enterprise & Stickerland, and founder/consulting roles across Squad Africa, Freecultr, Ex Taj (IHCL), 1Cabs, Hertz. Expertise across B2B marketing & advertising, partner programs, hospitality revenue & service ops.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is BUK?

BUK protocol is a tokenization platform to create a decentralized hotel inventory management system. Converting hotel room bookings into NFTs and tokenizing them, ensure a liquid market, easier access to inventory, better transparency of distribution chain and price controls

What is the benefit of BUK for Guests?

Don't Cancel. Resell and make profits. 
Tokenization gives full ownership to the hotel guests who have booked the room for the specific night. Instead of cancelling a room booking, they can now profitably resell the booking to another guest, possibly at a profit. This will bring in a huge change in user behaviour.

Why will hotels use BUK protocol?

Hotels have always been focused on increasing reach and access, apart from reducing distribution costs. BUK enables all of that and in addition also creates a new revenue stream for hotels in form trading commissions/royalties, all encoded, transparent and open in form of smart contracts. This will also help them improve price controls and remove any possibility of price parity issues!

How can OTAs and intermediaries leverage BUK products?

OTAs, wholesalers and other channel partners can capitalise on their discounted rates from hotel chains and start selling in an open liquid market to B2b and B2C players alike - increasing margins and utilising knowledge of seasonal patterns. 

Which blockchain is BUK based on?

BUK is currently being developed on the Polygon blockchain platform. As we scale we are keen to use Polygon Edge, Supernets, ZKP and PolygonID in various parts of our solutioning. Our focus is on building enterprise grade solutions for the hospitality industry and Polygon is most aligned with our goals.

Is your token available for sale?

BUK protocol is currently under development and tokens have not been released for sale. We would choose the best possible route to decentralise the platform at the right time. If you would like to get associated with the BUK community, please fill the form alongside.

How can we reach out to the BUK team for Professional partnership?

Please fill the contact form and we will reach out to you at the earliest possible.

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