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Hospitality is a $1T industry

But the tech behind it hasn't changed in over two decades

Between a traveler and the hotel are multiple layers of operators and software.
  1. Hotels have limited visibility or control on pricing, traveler segments targeted or the journey of a room beyond primary sale
  2. Bookings have been kept non-transferable, as a way to maintian control by the hotels
  3. Unintentionally, resulting in high cancellation fees, illiquid bookings & poor customer experiences
It's 2022. Hotels and travelers deserve better.

Rethinking the infrastructure

Resolving archaic problems requires us to build new-age systems. Enter the
Buk Protocol and Ecosystem - building blocks of the new infrastructure.

Buk Protocol

The underlying ARI & inventory tokenization framework, which ensures zero duplicity, full visibility and control, becoming the single source of truth for the hospitality industry.

Buk Ecosystem

A suite of products utilizing the Buk Protocol - Starting with NFT based booking engine, auctions & bidding engines, verified reviews, contracting marketplace and many more


The Journey of a 'Room Night'

Each room night in a hotel is unique. We're turning them into NFTs that can be bought and sold
in a secondary marketplace. Through our NFT-based hotel inventory distribution infrastructure,
Buk makes the conventional hotel booking experience more flexible and decentralized.